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Link zum Video des Vortrags "Von der Erziehung zur Einfühlung“ von NAOMI ALDORT, gehalten am 18.10.2017 im Markhof:

Wir wünschen Euch viel Freude beim Anschauen!

Eine persönliche Nachricht von Naomi Aldort aus ihrem letzten Newsletter möchten wir Euch nicht vorenthalten, eventuell fühlt sich jemand angesprochen, weiterzumachen - gemeinsam mit anderen Interessierten. Bezüglich Adressenaustausch könnt Ihr das Netzwerk der Freilerner unter kontaktieren:

• Webclasses for groups: After the six weeks speaking tour in Europe, I am inspired and moved to do more in whatever number of years left for me here. The world is more ready than ever to transform and the need is urgent. The parents attending the events and workshops were ready, open, receptive and non defensive. Perhaps my own transformation is showing up in parents around the world. After all we are mirroring each other. As I personally step away from direct daily parenting, seeing the larger pictures becomes easier, softer and much more inclusive. Every group I spoke to asked to continue the work we have started. Two group are already forming the setup for webclasses in which they will gather in one location so they can continue supporting each other and be with me in a setup that is almost like a live event - with me on the screen but with them in one room.

• Anyone who would like to form such classes can contact me to set it up. We have had webclasses online where you listen from your home. This is different: You can have a monthly, or by weekly class with your community in one room and even a full workshop for a whole day. Please contact me if you think you can bring together at least 15 people and we can discuss details.

• Likewise, I have been doing more of my basic 3 days workshop and the 3 days advance course in Europe than in America. Doing these workshops showed me again their immense power of transformation. What you can get from direct personal deep work is much more than books, articles and videos can give you. We are all stuck in our own thinking and what we read and learn gets filtered through our own limitations. It is what you don’t know that you don’t know that prevents real clarity and peace.

• Reflections: My new blog page, on the new site is my opportunity to share with you more regularly. I am going to put my reflections on that page. This will make it easy for you to post on facebook and share with others. There is also space for comments/conversations. Feel free to comment or converse on the blog or other pages of articles and videos, as well as in the forum pages. I may write reflections more regularly and send emails to let you know, without a full newsletter. Here is the new blog reflections:

Mit herzlichen Grüßen

Katinka und Sigrid

PS: Noch ein Hinweis in eigener Sache: Es geht um die Aufnahme Eurer Adressen in den Verteiler des Vereins "Netzwerk der Freilerner" für den Rundbrief, der alle vier bis acht Wochen zugesandt wird: Wenn das nicht gewollt ist, bitte einfach ein "Rundbrief Nein" in der Betreffzeile retournieren. Danke.